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Emily Chae, Senior Marketing Manager, TrendnetEmily Chae, Senior Marketing Manager,Trendnet
Reliable networking and surveillance solutions are crucial components for keeping a business operational. Networking solutions connect you to the data and people you need, and surveillance solutions help to provide businesses with safety and protection. TRENDnet has a proven track record for delivering reliable networking solutions for more than 30 years. The company has grown to become a global provider of both award-winning networking and surveillance hardware.

TRENDnet is the price-to-performance leader that has demonstrated reliability, durability, and exceptional product quality. The company utilizes a comprehensive customer support system that provides partners with full support for pre-sales, tech support, marketing, sales, and customer service. Their award-winning solutions are designed for both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as home users. TRENDnet’s diverse product line includes network switches, PoE, industrial, wireless, IP cameras and NVRs, fiber, Powerline, KVM, USB, and more.

TRENDnet in the Real World

TRENDnet provides reliable networking and surveillance solutions that enable people to stay connected to both their home life and work life. From restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts, college campuses, industrial factories, or to a one-bedroom apartment, TRENDnet products can be found in installations all around the world. TRENDnet delivers a countless number of devices for a wide variety of purposes, such as an end-to-end surveillance network, building-to-building connectivity, or integrated solutions.
In restaurants and bars, as well as hotels and resorts, wireless connectivity can be a huge part of a customer’s overall experience. Not only do they want to connect their personal devices to the web, but internally the business may need to network the electronic payment system, A/V equipment, and a surveillance system. TRENDnet’s wireless controllers, access points, IP cameras, switches, and NVRs help keep businesses running and protected.

At school and college campuses, as well as large corporate campuses, daily operations are likely heavily reliant on building-to-building communications. TRENDnet’s fiber solutions network buildings that are miles apart from each other, which keeps communication alive along far distances. Additionally, TRENDnet’s managed switches can help keep students engaged in the classroom or remotely by ensuring the professor or teacher is connected to course material.

Industrial locations, such as storage facilities and factories, need specialized networking equipment to operate correctly. TRENDnet offers a full line of rugged industrial solutions that are resistant to dust, shock, and harsh networking environments.

In your average home today, the number of connected or smart devices continues to grow, making a reliable and stable network a must for any home (or rental property/business). TRENDnet’s robust line of wireless, Powerline, and switch solutions can meet the differing networking and wireless requirements of nearly any home.

TRENDnet products have been utilized in a large variety of installations, including street surveillance, places of worship, office spaces, apartment buildings, and more. TRENDnet’s networking and surveillance solutions can be utilized in almost any industry (that uses data/internet).

Latest Product Releases

TRENDnet recently launched Mira, a complimentary VMS and mobile app, specifically designed to manage TRENDnet IP cameras. Camera setup has been simplified and can now all be done from the free mobile app. The Mira mobile app also allows users to easily view surveillance camera video feeds remotely. The Mira VMS is a complimentary professional-grade software that comes with all the latest TRENDnet IP cameras.

TRENDnet continues to grow in the industrial networking space, delivering high-quality and extremely durable products for this niche industrial market. In additional to DIN-Rail switches, TRENDnet also offers a rackmount version, flat or front access switches, and an EN50155 Rail switch.

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